The Ministry of Science, Universities and Research of the Community of Madrid has awarded the Interuniversity Program in Culture of Lawfulness (On Trust-cm) one of the aids intended to carry out programs of R&D activities between research groups of The Community of Madrid in Social Sciences and Humanities, co-financed with European Social Fund.

This new aid, a direct continuation of the previous Trust-cm y New Trust-cm, means a new impulse to the Program in Culture of Lawfulness. Regarding its objectives, On Trust­cm maintains continuity with prior phases while identifying new goals. The permanent objectives entail the deepening of some issues related to the theoretical and normative foundations of the Program and project in the culture of lawfulness, as well as the study of new strategies for the construction and strengthening of institutions that guarantee inclusive decisions, transparency and accountability. This continuity is justified by the detection of new forms of administrative arbitrariness or by the need to analyze future regulatory changes, especially criminal ones, in anti­corruption matters. As for the new objectives, three strategic lines are crucial. Firstly, to emphasize the integrity and ethical dimension of the functions of government and political management, taking into account the great impact that neuroscientific advances, experiments related to human behavior and recent studies on the emotions. Secondly, to analyze questions related to artificial intelligence and the impacts of the growing presence of algorithms in public administrations. Finally, objectives related to the study of the social and cultural history of criticisms about dysfunctions of legal and political institutions that come from the fields of philosophy, historiography, and literature.

The Program is made up of seven research groups from six universities from the Community of Madrid and more than 100 researchers from different areas of knowledge. The leaders of these groups are:

  • Dr. D. José María Sauca Cano. Coordinator of the Program and leader of GIDYJ: Research group on Justice and Law (UC3M / FCCSSyJJ)
  • Dr. D. Ignacio Criado Grande. Leader of IT_GesPub: Research Group Innovation, Technology and Public Management (UAM / Facultad de Derecho),
  • Dr. D. Jacobo Dopico Gómez-Aller. Leader of GIPFDP: Fundamental Problems of Criminal Law (UC3M / FCCSSyJJ)
  • Dr. D. Pedro Pérez Herrero. Responsable por el Grupo IELAT: University Institute of Research in Latin American Studies (UAH / Facultad de Filosofía y Letras)
  • Dr. D. Roberto Rodríguez Aramayo. Responsable por el Grupo TcP-GEA: Theoria cum Praxi-Applied Ethics Group (AECSIC / IFS)
  • Dra. Dña. Nuria Sánchez Madrid. Responsable por el Grupo GINEDIS: Normativity, Emotions, Speech and Society (UCM / Facultad de Filosofía)
  • Dr. D. Manuel Villoria Mendieta. Responsable por el Grupo GG_SDG: Good Governance for the Sustainable Development Goals (URJC / FCCJJySS)