Job offer. Project AI_PublicGov

We offer a contract for a doctoral student funded by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation, for a maximum duration of four years, to research in the project “Opening the black-box of algorithm-mediated public governance. Artificial intelligence implications in governments, public services, and humans” (AI_PublicGov) (PID2022-136283OB-I00). 

General inquiries about the project (principal investigators): J. Ignacio Criado (Research Group Lab Innovation, Technology, and Public Management, Department of Political Science), Universidad Autónoma de Madrid <> and Manuel Pedro Rodríguez-Bolívar, (Department of Accounting and Finance), Universidad de Granada <

Deadline: October, 16th, 2023 

Institutional information about the application process visiting Universidad Autónoma de Madrid website: 

General call info: 

Info about the position (pages 23-25):