Our History

The CulturLeg program constitutes a consolidated research path with extensive experience in the development of shared R&D&I activities. Its main phases and milestones are detailed below:


  1. Trust-cm

    The starting point is the so-called Trust-cm. Program in Culture of Lawfulness: Transparency, Trust and Responsibility, financed between 2008 and 2012 by the Community of Madrid.

  2. Eunomía. Revista en Cultura de la Legalidad

    The first issue of Eunomía is published, an electronic biannual academic journal, with an interdisciplinary nature and international projection. Its topics focus on the legitimacy of Law and its obedience, paying special attention to the development of the rule of law and the deepening of democracy.

  3.  New Trust-cm

    A direct continuation of the previous Trust-cm, this R+D+i Program (2016-2019) points out the fight against corruption as a fundamental priority of our society that requires more complex strategies than the adoption of preventive and repressive structures and procedures; it requires the development of a culture of lawfulness. 

  4. Network of Excellence in Culture of Lawfulness and the Fight against Corruption

    CulturLeg receives the support of the National Research Program through the leadership of this National Excellence Network (2016-2018), which incorporates 10 leading national and international cutting-edge research groups in the field. 

  5. E-learning Programme on Good Governance and Anti-corruption

    Launch of the course jointly promoted by the OSCE (Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe) and the CulturLeg Program.

  6. On Trust-cm

    This new phase of the Program keeps, in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goal 16, the challenge of creating legitimate, effective and inclusive institutions that are accountable and fight against corruption. The consortium now incorporates 100 researchers oriented from the tenets of the Culture of lawfulness towards the detection of new forms of administrative arbitrariness; the analysis and promotion of regulatory changes, especially criminal, in anti-corruption matters; and the study of integrity and the ethical dimension of government functions and political management.

  7. Network of Excellence in Culture of Lawfulness and the Fight against Corruption [2]

    The successful experience of the first CLLC Network has led to the granting and leadership of a new Thematic Network. This time the number of national research groups is 15, with a marked multidisciplinary character.

  8. Надлежащее управление и противодействие коррупции

    Launch of the Russian version of the E-learning Program on Good Governance and Anti-corruption.

  9. Provision of services in the area of good governance and combating economic crime.
  10. Network of Excellence in Culture of Lawfulness and the Fight against Corruption [3]

    The Network consolidates synergies towards a mature horizon in the conceptualization, anticipation, prevention and management of the fight against corruption in a general context of developing a culture of lawfulness.